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The Land where nobody can be trusted's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The Land where nobody can be trusted

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June 27th, 2006 3:51 am
Let´s get this party started!! [

[ mood | artistic ]

Hi everyone !

Finally to start with the comm activities-role play. Well start  at  Paranoids Anonym , where we will each introduce ourselves, though contradictory we shall gives our names, or code name if your character has it. To start the story and meet the characters a bit you´ll have to say why you are in the meeting,( maybe want to get rid of the paranoia, get more paranoids to join you in your theory or you simply got lost in your way to the washroom) and your way of leaving the meeting ) and don´t forget your character´s characteristics, though they don´t need to be included in the course of action)

Name: Anil Riddle (original)
Age : 23
Place of Birth: London
Worst Fear: she fears a plane/bomb/car/ bunch of elephants will come to her house destroy it and cause her death at the moment she least spects it.
*Between other Things: Anil hates hot water, loud ppl, eggs and bunnies. She likes talking to tv shows, to leave stuff in an very specific way to see if anyone was there while she was gone and pretending not to see ppl she knows when she walks close to them. Her fav colors are black and white and is annoyed by anything bright orange.

~*~ Paranoids Anonyns ~*~
Anil enters the room and finds a small group of ppl, they seem to be insane. She convinces herself she ain't like anyone of them, yet she is. she sits in  a chair in the middle of the circle, far from where everyone is sitting. She looks at them, and thinks, if i had known it was gonna be ppl like them i wouldn't have come they seem like they can't trust anyone, and ppl that can't trust can't be trusted, yet i need to find a distraction.. stay again from home.. or I'll die, the plane..it's coming soon.. i don't wanna be there. She decides to wait and looks at the ppl around her.. they are afraid but she still ignore of what they are afraid of. One of them is hiding behind a curtain, she can see his feet, another  is counting how long will it take him to run out the room. But as she watches them she starts forgetting her reason to be there, she want to flee but the person in charge is there. She goes back to sit quietly and drowns herself in thoughts.

The session ends.. she is not convinced.. not sure if she'll be back. She felt to scared even to give her real name , she said it was Marianne and she is glad she did. she takes the bus home, but when she is at the front door she decides she better go have a coffee outside, even when she has 2kg of coffee saved.

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June 12th, 2006 2:43 am
Welcome fellow paranoids!!! [

[ mood | happy to start ]

Welcome to Paranoia Land!

The land where untrustworthy lj users portray their abilities to detect and escape from dangerous situations that surround them. In this place nothing and nobody can be trusted, and it’s the job of each one of the characters to reach a new personal level of paranoia….

Each member (lj user) shall choose a character ( can be and original character or from any anime or game) and introduce it to the community, introductions must have this information on the character: name, age, place of birth, and worst fear or paranoid tendency (any other characteristics the user wishes to add will make the game better but are not necessary) If the character is not original they shall too identify from what source the character was taken.

Rules (for now):
1. don’t go insulting other ljusers.
2. don’t spam, try staying in topic and write more than 1 line per post.
3. respect the mods, they only want to make the comm work.
4. be paranoid, secretive and have fun with it ^o^.

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June 9th, 2006 4:32 pm
shamelsess first post xD [

[ mood | bouncy ]

yesh, i need the post in order to make a layout! forgive me wifey, for after all it is your community!
zomg. my first layout!!! O_O *goes on baptism of layout* xD
i wasnted to make it funny, but it turend out...darkish x_x
i finally finished the codings...*faints*

we should add something in userinfo, and invite our family and members, wifey~ *too tired to think of something*
ya ne~

edit : ack x_x layout doesnt work on community! noooooooo!!
oh well im gonna use your method now.
*puts a backround and calls it a layout* xDD

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