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paranoia_land's Journal

The Land where nobody can be trusted
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Welcome to Paranoia Land!

The land where untrustworthy lj users portray their abilities to detect and escape from dangerous situations that surround them. In this place nothing and nobody can be trusted, and it’s the job of each one of the characters to reach a new personal level of paranoia….

Each member (lj user) shall choose a character ( can be and original character or from any anime or game) and introduce it to the community, introductions must have this information on the character: name, age, place of birth, and worst fear or paranoid tendency (any other characteristics the user wishes to add will make the game better but are not necessary) If the character is not original they shall too identify from what source the character was taken.

Rules (for now):
1. don’t go insulting other ljusers.
2. don’t spam, try staying in topic and write more than 1 line per post.
3. respect the mods, they only want to make the comm work.
4. be paranoid, secretive and have fun with it ^o^.

paranoia_land is an RPG comm was created and is managed by seyrarm and moonangel_1506 any doubts or comments please refer to them.

beautiful layout made by purple_chan! <333 thank you! we love u *squee*